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  • Talking about automake

    Talking about automake

    Talking to myself 20years ago I talked about automake test-harness on youtube. It is first time to take a movie. It was more difficult than I thought. Difficult parts are followings. speaking about something to nobody. speaking smoothly. I would like to put agenda at first part and summary at last part. I want these […]

  • wp.api.Element may be called twice.

    wp.api.Element may be called twice.

    api.Element initialize might be called 2 times in api.Control initialize method. On php side generate setting json in administrator page at this location. Your extended a class from WP_Customizer_Control is called to_json method on it. In to_json method, WP_Customizer_Control generate default control template string here. This template string contains input html tag with your specified […]

  • Bloom effect

    Bloom effect

    I wanted to have blinking buttons on mine sweeper app. It is a necessary function to make the app go far. How do I make a button blinking? I had no idea to implement it. I search the way to button becoming luminous on computer display. I learned the way is named bloom. Double buffering […]

  • gnu gettext and correct locale.

    gnu gettext and correct locale.

    I could not get translated string with Gnu gettext sometimes. I read gettext info document. Actually I used gnu gettext library on php language. I checked php document also. By the way, gettext on php is a wrapper function for c api gnu gettext library. I did not understand why gettext did not work well. […]

  • Cargo xtask

    Cargo xtask

    I rewrote the matrix operation for mine sweeper app. Before 2020 May, The app used pure javascript library for matrix operation. On May 2020, I changed the matrix operation with web assembly. The web assembly would run matrix operation faster than javascript, for not checking data type in every operation. The language for wasm I […]

  • Putting flag on mine button

    Putting flag on mine button

    I reached a mile stone for mine sweeper app. You can put on flag on mine button on the mine sweeper app. The flagged mine button can not be turn, even if you click it. It help you to think which button hides mine. To extend the app for flagging It is not so difficult […]

  • Writing plugin and test code

    Writing plugin and test code

    I wrote a plugin for html-webpack-plugin. The plugin is called html-link-injection. With this plugin, you can insert some link tags into a html which is generated by html-webpack-plugin. Test code for this plugin I use mocha test frame for testing this plugin. The kotlin multiplatform project uses the mocha test frame work on javascript testing. […]

  • rt-link-loader


    I developed “rt-link-loader”. This is small helper procedure for webpack. I wanted to get css loader not to syntax check at compile time. I am going to process css on server side. My css file is not valid on compile time. I tried some webpack loaders, but nothing to resolve my requirements. I decided to […]

  • Color picker

    Color picker

    I prefer to use c++ or c language for developing application before about 2010. I was suffering not to develop application rapidly with developing team. I thought that some reasons are there. c or c++ languages are difficult for immature programmer. I could not find nice user interface framework for me with c or c++ […]

  • Render shadow

    Render shadow

    I updated the mine sweeper app. The app is improved scene with shadow rendering. It took about 10 days to be done. I used some matrix operations for this improvement. The matrix operation was written by Rust language before. It was the reason to release for short period. The last improvement which is editing light […]