Talking about automake

Talking to myself 20years ago

I talked about automake test-harness on youtube. It is first time to take a movie. It was more difficult than I thought. Difficult parts are followings.

  1. speaking about something to nobody.
  2. speaking smoothly.

I would like to put agenda at first part and summary at last part. I want these parts as a single tracks. To do so, I took about ten movie shots each parts.

It took 3 days to edit some movie shots and make a single movie about 17minutes. When I decided to release a movie on YouTube, I might take 1 day.

The topic is so geeky. The movie might not be watched by many people. I used to talking that kind of topics to younger software developers. I am talking it for myself about 20 years ago. When I was young, I read some books about software development. I wandered who could understand those books perfectly. I wanted to see the man.

Openshot, OBS Studio, microphone and led light

To make this movie, I used two software.

  1. Openshort
  2. OBS Studio

Openshort is the tool to edit some tracks and mixed them into single movie file. Thanks for Openshot.

OBS Studio is the tool to make a track which contains computer desktop window movie, web cam movie simultaneously. Thanks OBS tudio.

My pc’s web cam takes the human face darker then iphone. I would a bright movie by iPhone. My web cam picks less my voice than iPhone. But I preferred to take my talking scene by my web cam. It was easy to edit the track. So I bought led light and microphone to improve tracks.


I search the way to record my works. If I took mp4 file, I have to buy large storage to keep my working movie. Most of my works are simple text string. I want to have effective way to keep my works. I found asciinema software. I recorded my works by asciinema. Thanks asciinema.

My works

Here is my works. This contents was used by Youtube.

Here is the Youtube contents.