Putting flag on mine button

I reached a mile stone for mine sweeper app. You can put on flag on mine button on the mine sweeper app. The flagged mine button can not be turn, even if you click it. It help you to think which button hides mine.

To extend the app for flagging

It is not so difficult for me to extend the app for flagging mine button. But I tackled the problem for building system for mine sweeper app. I would like to build the app by simple command. I’m believing that the simple build command remove the human mistake and make the app free from bugs. I had 3 plugin projects to have simple build system. You already knew the two of them by reading blog in this site.

The third one is gradle plugin. You know why I have to have gradle plugin project by reading this link.

After through the mile stone

When I begin to develop the mine sweeper app, I wanted to include this function as soon as possible. The function is simple but I had some ways to do this. I would like to implement this function with the best way I could do. If the app is not released until having flagging with best way, I might give up to release the app for difficulties. The progressive development way may be good for me. By now I am going to ready to development for next mile stone.

You can play the mine sweeper app.