Outlook settings

POP3 and SMTP Setting For Microsoft Outlook

This article introduce to set up Microsoft outlook for our e-mail service.

Setup Account For our email service

You see “Add an account“, if you don’t have any account or create new mail folder from scratch. Or you see “Update an account“.

Add an account

You select “Add account” from Account setting page in file.

Select file from main window

When setting window popped out, you select to setup email setting by yourself.

Select To set up by your self

Then you fill your information in Pop and imap account settings.

Update an account

Select a mail box folder and file in header on main window.

Confirm account setting is selected mail folder

Confirm that the account setting is selected mail folder. You choose “Account setting” item.

Fill your information

You have to fill account name included @ and domain name.

Incoming and outgoing mail server needs to be filled out your domain name.

Setting Detail

outgoing mail server tab

In outgoing mail server tab, You need to check “Require authentication”. You select “Use incoming server setting.

Check “Require authentication for outgoing mail server”

Details tab

In details tab, You need to fill “587” at “Out going server(SMTP)”.

You do not have to modify “Incoming mail sever (POP3)”, It will be filled “110”.

Filled out “587” at outgoing mail server.

That’s all.