Outlook setting from scratch

You would know how to setup outlook for our service.

Add new account

You have to have POP account and imap account separately. For example, You have to add imap account even if you have the same pop account.

Click “Add account”

Setup setting manually

We recommend you to setup manually.

Select “setup account by yourself”
Select “Pop or imap”
Select account kind you want
  1. You choose carefully choose account kind “IMAP” or “POP”.
  2. You fill your domain name like “your.domain.com” on incoming server and outgoing server.
  3. You have to fill your name plus @ plus your domain like “name@your.domain.com” on account name.

Details setting

Click details setting.

Select “Use incoming server setting.”
  1. Fill 143 on incoming server if you use imap or 110 on incomming serve if you use pop.
  2. Fill 587 on outgoing server.
  3. Select “Auto” or “TLS” on encryption kind.

Thats all.

Setting account automatically

If you choose the way to fill account automatically, You have to modify account setting when wizard task finished.

You need modify incoming, outgoing server setting above after the wizard window closed.