OC Smart Table


This plugin swaps list for table, if a viewer opens your page with small width
display. The list for small width display is made from the table which you put in page with table block editor. You do not need to write list having same contents in table. You can enable this plugin with a simple operation.

The plugin create list on browser dynamically. So the list is not exists in
your WordPress database. You will edit the table being enabled this plugin,
even after you uninstall this plugin.

Rendering result

You can see the rendering result in this link.

Table structure and list structure

Table has header which each cells are in row towards horizontally. The table
body’s each cells related with header cells are in row towards horizontally.

The informations is in row towards horizontally even if you see them with small width device. But other information tends to be in row towards vertically.
You visit a page, see from top to down. It’s natural way to scroll the display
vertically. You encounter a table having long rows while scrolling, you have to stop scrolling vertically and, scroll display horizontally. At end of table row, you have to back to the start of row with scrolling and then scroll down again.

It originated in table having horizontal categorized cells arrangement.
It is not proper for me to keep table structure and show the data vertically.
It is nice for me to arrange data with list. The list data structure has the kind to arrange data vertically.

Smart Table in background

OC Smart Table creates list from table on browser side dynamically at opening the page. But list is not visible if the display width is enough to show table.
If the display width is not enough to show table, swap list for table.


Enable OC Smart Table(free)

You put “oc-smart-table” in Additional CSS class(es) at Advanced section on Settings sidebar. You need this operation only when you make editing table active. For example, You put a table with table block editor or click a table block which you put before.

Enable OC Smart Table

If you have OC Smart Table standard edition, You click “Enable Smart Table” from other toolbar item in table block editor, then You make the editing table be enabled Smart Table.

You can buy standard edition from here.

Inherit Colors and Styles

You can make the list which the plugin create having tables’s colors and styles.
To enable the inheritance, You need to enable option “inherit colors and styles” in Smart table setting in Setting sidebar.